Peacewashing is gross

So kittens, this happened a few days ago.

Ynetnews News   Thousands of women rally for Israel Palestinian peace.png

A bunch of Israeli women marched for “peace” in yet another pointless whitewashing exercise that will accomplish nothing. I was rather disappointed to see activists covering this as some act of bravery and saying this wasn’t covered in the media(it was in Haaretz, Ynet, the Washington Post and a bunch of other media – no, I’m not linking, this travesty doesn’t deserve the clicks). This had plenty of media coverage and it was designed to do so, because this is yet another whitewashing propaganda stunt… perhaps I should call it peacewashing.

Peacewashing, or putting up a phony facade of “peace,” in order to continue the status quo in Israel/Palestine, is another tactic, usually used by Liberal Zionists to push the narrative that Israelis just want peas. Peacewashing is shouting “peace” very loudly and doing photo-ops and not actually doing anything. What does “peace” mean? What does a march with no concrete objectives (apart from peas, peas and more peas) accomplish?


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A Pain in My Temple

I am annoyed, kittens. Very, very annoyed. Why am I annoyed? Because the recent uproar over a UNESCO resolution on the status of occupied Palestinian holy sites has been spun in a most ridiculous manner. Reading Israeli and mainstream press you might think that UNESCO has made a resolution that says there are no Jewish ties to Jerusalem or to the Second Temple. People are outraged! Netanyahu is all over the place giving stern, solemn and deeply racist speeches(which is his default state). And you know what? If an international body did say that Judaism has no place in Jerusalem or that the area of Al Aqsa is not important to Jews it would be outrageous as well as obviously factually wrong.

Except. It. Doesn’t.

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The importance of being earnest

Recently a hate site decided to write a hit piece on me, which would be fine, if it didn’t involve doxing because honestly, the allegations they made were dumber than a really dumb brick from the dumb brick factory. Doxing, revealing someone’s private information, is a form of abuse and harassment. It isn’t “exposing” or “journalism” it is done for one reason only – to harass and intimidate… Er, two reasons, to harass, intimidate and to silence speech. Ok, let me start over, the purposes of doxing include harassment, intimidation, the silencing of speech and incitement to readers to commit acts of violence.

Doxing is never legitimate. It is cowardly. It is abusive. It is wrong. No matter what you think of a person’s opinions, fight them on substance, not through dirty tricks.. oh and when a person takes legitimate steps to stop the abuse, don’t whine about it like a whiny little spoiled brat.

So, dear doxers,  you all are little, little, little sad men who have nothing better to do with your lives than try to destroy the lives of others… that’s pathetic really. Even more pathetic that you think picking on women and children, Jewish ones especially, makes you feel like big important people, it doesn’t. It makes you the equivalent of a bunch of frustrated and emotionally-immature teenagers, except y’all are grown and that’s sad.

Anyway, I want to address the “substance” of what has been alleged against me because accuracy matters and stuff.

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A Liberal Zionist vocabulary guide

In dealing with the Israel-Palestine issue, you may run across Liberal Zionists. These are a curious bunch… and by curious I mean insincere and whiny apologists for war crimes. These are folks that talk of peace, of coexistence, when they advocate an ethnically-pure state, support the worst war crimes and refuse to take responsibility for them because it’s just not their fault, even though they supported all the policies to make them happen. Despite their hearts being constantly heavy, they refuse to give up the racist privileges that continue occupation and oppression.

I’ve written a handy vocabulary guide so you can better understand these activists for non-change.For your convenience, vocabulary words are conveniently displayed in red. See how nice I am? Now give me your car keys. Don’t make me get my unhinged cousin.

If you want a comprehensive and interesting look at the history of the Liberal Zionist movement and how the Zionist “left” built the apartheid military regime we have today, I suggest False Prophets of Peace, by Tikva Honig-Parnass.

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A hasbara guide to being Palestinian with cherry tomatoes

First of all, let me dedicate this blog post to a Twitterer who has given me the inspiration only cherry tomatoes can provide. (oh and follow him, he’s a damn good follow!)

Note: this is advanced stuff. If you are unfamiliar with the basics of hasbara, please see my basic guide to doing pro-Israel hasbara.

Now, there may come a time, as a pro-Israel activist, where you have to give voice to the people you are occupying to sound authentic, or to appear less fascist. While this is burdensome, it is necessary, not just to “convince” your audience but also to convince yourself; after all, people are happy that you expelled them and keep those that remain under brutal military rule right? Right? RIGHT! Damn you recurring nightmares you won’t get me yet! safeplacesafeplacesafeplacesafeplacedreamofBibi’sbigstrongarmssafeplacesafeplacesafeplacesafeplace.

Ahem, ignore that last bit.

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Why don’t I criticise Syria?

Why don’t I criticise Syria?

Why don’t I complain about GMOs in our food?

Why am I not more outspoken on poverty in Africa?

Why don’t I address the hurricane that just hit a town not too far away?

Why don’t I talk about medical malpractice?

Why am I not outraged by opiate abuse among our nation’s middle class white kids?

Why don’t I ever discuss people with disabilities?

What about the plight of fish? Don’t I care about the plight of fish?

Why do you ask me these questions?

I don’t see that Tibetan activist talking about Syria. Is she a hypocrite?

Oh and that Syrian activist has never mentioned Tibet, fish or hurricanes.

Curiously, I don’t see you doing any of these things.

Oh, right. Well, let me ask you.

Why don’t YOU criticise Israel?

How to do effective hasbara

Kids, how would you like for adults to not just allow, but encourage you to call people names on-line? You can even use bad words! All you have to do is post some mindless memes and cut and paste some statements defending an apartheid military regime in the Middle East that’s been occupying and ethnicaly cleansing the indigenous people for decades. Doesn’t that sound fun?

What’s that? This is unethical? Stupid? You’re telling your mommy?

You anti-Semitic twats, you’re all Muslims aren’t you?

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