Islam – the duck-billed platypus in a room full of otters: an otterly useful vocabulary guide

Do you read mainstream press? Are you confused about certain words that pop up in articles about Muslims? Are you looking to sound smart at Trump rallies? Have no fear! I am here to educate you about common scary sounding words that are associated with Islam. I will do so with overblown and nonsensical similes that tingle the senses, like an electric eel in an octopus costume with the tentacles of education providing the electroshock of enlightenment in every paragraph.

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The importance of being earnest

Recently a hate site decided to write a hit piece on me, which would be fine, if it didn’t involve doxing because honestly, the allegations they made were dumber than a really dumb brick from the dumb brick factory. Doxing, revealing someone’s private information, is a form of abuse and harassment. It isn’t “exposing” or “journalism” it is done for one reason only – to harass and intimidate… Er, two reasons, to harass, intimidate and to silence speech. Ok, let me start over, the purposes of doxing include harassment, intimidation, the silencing of speech and incitement to readers to commit acts of violence.

Doxing is never legitimate. It is cowardly. It is abusive. It is wrong. No matter what you think of a person’s opinions, fight them on substance, not through dirty tricks.. oh and when a person takes legitimate steps to stop the abuse, don’t whine about it like a whiny little spoiled brat.

So, dear doxers,  you all are little, little, little sad men who have nothing better to do with your lives than try to destroy the lives of others… that’s pathetic really. Even more pathetic that you think picking on women and children, Jewish ones especially, makes you feel like big important people, it doesn’t. It makes you the equivalent of a bunch of frustrated and emotionally-immature teenagers, except y’all are grown and that’s sad.

Anyway, I want to address the “substance” of what has been alleged against me because accuracy matters and stuff.

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Missing the forest for the tree(deliberately)

Poor Israel! Poor Israel! Again it has been horrifically slandered, this time by a horrible anti-Semitic Jew named Bernie Sanders who accused Israel of murdering 10,000 Palestinians in its latest invasion and massacre of Gaza in 2014. Oh it has me verklempt! 10,000! It was only around 1,500, including 551 children! Slander! Blood libel!(really, yes, really)

Sanders was not that far off – while he was mistaken on how many Israel butchered – there were over 10,000 injured, many severely and between 2000 and today, Israel has murdered more than 10,000 Palestinians. In fact, his mistake just highlights how many war crimes and atrocities Israel has committed against the Palestinian people – so many that it is hard for people to keep up.

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