Islam – the duck-billed platypus in a room full of otters: an otterly useful vocabulary guide

Do you read mainstream press? Are you confused about certain words that pop up in articles about Muslims? Are you looking to sound smart at Trump rallies? Have no fear! I am here to educate you about common scary sounding words that are associated with Islam. I will do so with overblown and nonsensical similes that tingle the senses, like an electric eel in an octopus costume with the tentacles of education providing the electroshock of enlightenment in every paragraph.

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A hasbara guide to being Palestinian with cherry tomatoes

First of all, let me dedicate this blog post to a Twitterer who has given me the inspiration only cherry tomatoes can provide. (oh and follow him, he’s a damn good follow!)

Note: this is advanced stuff. If you are unfamiliar with the basics of hasbara, please see my basic guide to doing pro-Israel hasbara.

Now, there may come a time, as a pro-Israel activist, where you have to give voice to the people you are occupying to sound authentic, or to appear less fascist. While this is burdensome, it is necessary, not just to “convince” your audience but also to convince yourself; after all, people are happy that you expelled them and keep those that remain under brutal military rule right? Right? RIGHT! Damn you recurring nightmares you won’t get me yet! safeplacesafeplacesafeplacesafeplacedreamofBibi’sbigstrongarmssafeplacesafeplacesafeplacesafeplace.

Ahem, ignore that last bit.

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Confessions of a regressive leftist

One term that is often used by right-wing neoliberals (or the faux-left) who pretend they are “liberal” because they support nominal left policies – is the “regressive left”. Maajid Nawaz likes this term, a lot.

The Regressive Left’s betrayal of liberal Muslim reformers (especially reforming Muslim women) will not be forgotten by us. History is not on your side.

So yeah, the idea is. The “regressive left” is supporting right-wing “Islamists” at the expense of “liberal reformists” as exemplified by people like Nawaz. I guess this makes me a “regressive-leftist,” after all, I think that “reformers” like Hirsi-Ali are helping the progressive Muslim community as much as people like Pamela Geller are. I.e. not at all. And as a Muslim, I refuse to renounce my faith, to cut out parts of my Quran, to renounce my respect for the Prophet Mohammed – obviously this makes me exactly like ISIS.

True confession: I didn't want to join ISIS, but I can't resist Nutella or kittens. And no, don't try to lure me with Nutella substitutes, it's not the same. Sorry, long live the (un)Islamic Caliphate!

True confession: I didn’t want to join ISIS, but I can’t resist Nutella or kittens. And no, don’t try to lure me with Nutella substitutes, it’s not the same. Sorry, long live the (un)Islamic Caliphate! (Seriously, can anyone resist Nutella? Maybe the nut-allergy folks – you guys are our last hope!)

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MLI, faithwashing and interfaith cat memes

Qasim Rashid Esq. MuslimIQ on Twitter

MLI faithwashing in action – yep, the Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) would have opposed BDS and supported an apartheid occupier that is violating human rights and committing war crimes!

Palestinian civil society has asked for a boycott of the Muslim Leadership Initiative, a propaganda trip to Israel intended to “faithwash” the occupation.

This is, in its essence, what washing the occupation and apartheid clean actually is: to sanitize the narrative in which the oppressor becomes the oppressed or, at the very least, a relatable oppressor. -Sana Saeed

Simply put. MLI sucks. It is blatant Israeli propaganda, the people who participate in it are doing their part in promoting propaganda. Propaganda sucks. Not only is MLI intended for propaganda, it is intended to harm the BDS movement and further dangerous Zionist narratives.

The main premise of MLI is the deliberate blurring of the lines between Judaism, Zionism and the Israeli state. This logic serves to perpetuate the anti-Semitic claim that Jews are synonymous to the state of Israel and bear responsibility for its policies, no matter how oppressive these policies are, and that criticism leveraged against the state of Israel is, therefore, a criticism of all Jews. This conflation, which itself is anti-Semitic, as it reduces all Jews to a monolithic sum, has been used by opponents of Palestinian rights to muzzle legitimate opposition to Israel’s violations of international law and ignore growing dissent among Jews to such representations. –

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