On changes

So kittens, I haven’t posted in a while because life & stuff but I’ve been thinking it is time for a change… not really. All along my commitment has been to fighting for the rights of Palestinians and to challenge bigotry. If you’ve read my writings you know that I consider all forms of bigotry, racism and oppression to be related and that is what I would like to focus on.

As fun it is to make fun of trolls, giving them more platform and space than they deserve(which is zero) is counterproductive. More importantly, it is important to focus on the blatant racism that has become all too acceptable, especially with Brexit in the UK and the 2016 elections in the US.

While I do not support Hillary Clinton, I am gravely concerned about the rise of Trump and his supporters. When violent racism is acceptable in a sizeable community, it is frightening. I am a descendant of Holocaust survivors, I know where hate can lead. When I see a planned attack on a Muslim immigrant community being praised and there are calls for more, I am disturbed, deeply. When fascist elements in Europe are gaining strength, when countries like France are becoming more and more repressive, when fascist bigotry is building against immigrants, Jews, Romani, Muslims, and we are kvetching about(consistently disproven) antisemitism epidemics on the left? We are opening ourselves up to danger.

Now is not the time to divide in our separate communities, play oppression Olympics and point fingers. Now is not the time to discard alliances and friendships because we do not agree 100% on every issue. We must stand together on the issues we agree on and fight on them, the cost not to is too great.

It is time to say that antisemitism is racism towards Jews. It is not criticism of a state or its policies, it is a form of racism. It is time that we stop looking at antisemitism through the lens of Israel and look at it and fight it in our communities. Yes, it exists and the tropes that continue to surround it must be defeated. We must not let the dialogue be hijacked by war criminals and their allies.

It is also time to say no to the bigotry that the Palestinian people have endured at the hands of Western settler colonialism. Nakba denial and the denial of even the existence of a people is a vicious form of racism and it must be called for what it is. When a person can go on mainstream media and call people animals and call for violence toward civilians, that kind of racism cannot be tolerated. Acceptance of racism breeds violence, racist violence fuels genocide and when we have a genocide of a people that is ongoing, we cannot be complacent.

We must fight, together, so we can win, together.


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