Why don’t I criticise Syria?

Why don’t I criticise Syria?

Why don’t I complain about GMOs in our food?

Why am I not more outspoken on poverty in Africa?

Why don’t I address the hurricane that just hit a town not too far away?

Why don’t I talk about medical malpractice?

Why am I not outraged by opiate abuse among our nation’s middle class white kids?

Why don’t I ever discuss people with disabilities?

What about the plight of fish? Don’t I care about the plight of fish?

Why do you ask me these questions?

I don’t see that Tibetan activist talking about Syria. Is she a hypocrite?

Oh and that Syrian activist has never mentioned Tibet, fish or hurricanes.

Curiously, I don’t see you doing any of these things.

Oh, right. Well, let me ask you.

Why don’t YOU criticise Israel?


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