Why don’t I criticise Syria?

Why don’t I criticise Syria?

Why don’t I complain about GMOs in our food?

Why am I not more outspoken on poverty in Africa?

Why don’t I address the¬†hurricane that just hit a town not too far away?

Why don’t I talk about medical malpractice?

Why am I not outraged by opiate abuse among our nation’s middle class white kids?

Why don’t I ever discuss people with disabilities?

What about the plight of fish? Don’t I care about the plight of fish?

Why do you ask me these questions?

I don’t see that Tibetan activist talking about Syria. Is she a hypocrite?

Oh and that Syrian activist has never mentioned Tibet, fish or hurricanes.

Curiously, I don’t see you¬†doing any of these things.

Oh, right. Well, let me ask you.

Why don’t YOU criticise Israel?


How to do effective hasbara

Kids, how would you like for adults to not just allow, but encourage you to call people names on-line? You can even use bad words! All you have to do is post some mindless memes and cut and paste some statements defending an apartheid military regime in the Middle East that’s been occupying and ethnicaly cleansing the indigenous people for decades. Doesn’t that sound fun?

What’s that? This is unethical? Stupid? You’re telling your mommy?

You anti-Semitic twats, you’re all Muslims aren’t you?

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