A test


Answer this question. You have 20 minutes. Spelling counts. Failure is not an option, objections will be entertained as long as they are entertaining and….GO!

Spock and Kirk first were around the area of 123 Enterprise Lane as children. It was a park back then. Kirk used to play in the sandbox while Spock liked to colour with crayons at the benches. When they became teenagers, someone bought the park and started to develop it. Kirk used to bring his dates to the lot while Spock used to go practise Vulcan Mind Arts with his friends there.

At the same time, the two started to have conflicts. Kirk called Spock a nerd and gave him a wedgie, Spock stole Kirk’s prom date and he was forced to go with a ferengi. The two even got in a few fights. But that was a long time ago. The lot now became Federation Dildo and Snoopy Plushie Concern, run by Jean-Luc. Spock got hired there first and had a nice corner office with a good view. Kirk got hired later, decided he wanted the corner office so he came in, kicked Spock out, put all his stuff in and when Spock complained, he started harassing Spock, pouring coffee down his pants, pulling his ears, etc.

Jean-Luc calls both into his office. Kirk insists its his office because he was there first. He brings out stuff he buried in the sandbox years ago, has his ex-girlfriends testify that he used to bring them there, and therefore it has to be his. He also says Spock deserves to be kicked out and abused because he tried to Vulcan Death Grip him in high school. Spock brings his old crayons, his drawings of Vulcan maps that he made, says that’s why the office is his. He brings up how boorish Kirk used to be in high school.

Should Jean-Luc…..

  • a). Give Spock back his office
  • b). Give Kirk the office
  • c). Slap them both silly.

The answer is….. 42.

Now, I didn’t write this just to engage in some blatant geekery. If you have been around the Israel-Palestine debate you will see.



This coin is worth ten displaced families



See, Zionists are going to see this and totally stop the occupation! Really!



Bears a striking resemblance to Sarah Netanyahu, doesn’t it?

Judean coins! Palestinian coins! Old maps of Palestine! Old Judean ritual baths! Shakespearean quotes! Battles of coins with people showing Palestinian coins, Judean coins, coin-operated-slot machines!

Dear friends, this is fascinating history and I know you all mean well but it is the equivalent of crayons and sandbox toys. In other words, annoyingly irrelevant.

What is the issue in our story? Not the stuff that happened in Spock and Kirk’s childhood, nor what happened in high school. What matters is that Kirk kicked out Spock out of his office and continues to harm Spock. Jean-Luc, as a good boss, needs to take action to stop Kirk’s abuse of Spock and give him back his office.

That people known as the Judeans/Hebrews/Israelites lived in the land we now call Palestine thousands of years ago is not in dispute. It doesn’t matter. History doesn’t come with a Reset-2,000 years-Button. Nor are the Jews of today the same people as back then…and even if they were, that still doesn’t give them the right to kick people out of Palestine and set up a racist ethnocracy there.

Hasbara loves this. Not only is it a distraction that can eat up a lot of time(there are a lot of coins, folks), it is one that has a modicum of factual information behind it(only because the rest of hasbara is complete bullshit). Yes, those old coins and crap are real – no they don’t give title to land. It doesn’t matter where your ancestors were 200 years ago, much less 2,000. Old maps of Palestine don’t prove a thing either other than the name of the region. None of this changes the essential issue that people were expelled from the land they lived on and continue to live under oppression and occupation.

Kirk is wrong, crayons and sandbox toys alike.

Free Palestine and I will have my tea. Earl Grey. Hot.




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