It’s Christmastime and what a cheer,

Trees and lights and reindeer and shopping malls full of people,

We support big corporations and yell at people who don’t wish us “Merry Christmas”

That’s what Christmas is about.

There was a Palestinian family,

They had no money so they got to stay in a barn,

And had a little boy  right among the animals,

He grew up an activist, that boy

He preached non-violence and helped his fellow man,

It didn’t matter. His existence was violence to the state,

When he was 33 the state killed him.

He stood against occupation, for equality.

He had to die.

His mother wept as she saw his body.

Tortured, a reminder to all those who resist oppression.

I digress.

Don’t know what that has to do with Christmas.

Merry Christmas


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