The Dissection of a Hasbara Manual

Dissect? Did you say dissect? You want to dissect Jews. You said so right in the title. DISSECTION. You are just like the Nazis. You want to bring about another Holocaust. You hate Jews, admit it! Admit it! Confess! Confess!

Unlike the Spanish Inquisition, this one's rather unfunny.

Unlike the Spanish Inquisition, this one’s rather unfunny.

Well I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition.. or em, the Zionist one. I know, I know, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition, but the Zionist one? It’s pretty damn predictable. In fact anyone saying something on-line or in the media about Israel is likely to get the full weight of the Israeli paid propaganda machine, known as hasbara, thrown at them.

Yes folks, Israel pays people to troll and spread lies about itself. If you find that to be sad and gross, well, that’s Israel for you.

The extent to which propaganda permeates Israeli society is not to be underestimated. Children are indoctrinated from birth. Even abroad, in Jewish schools, community organisations and synagogues – many funded in part by Israel, propaganda is taught and promoted.

No surprise that a major Israeli “newspaper” would publish a hasbara manual outlining for its readers how to handle BDS. Since many of the “arguments” presented in it are ones that are commonly thrown around, I thought I’d take the time to go through them all (most – some are redundant or too stupid to even touch). Here goes:

The Lie: “Zionism is a colonialist movement. You conquered from the Palestinians land that is not yours.”

The Truth: Zionism is a national liberation movement, like many others that were established in the 19th and 20th centuries


The real truth: National liberation movements don’t involve the forcible expulsion of people off their land, importation of people onto that land and racist laws to enforce an artificial ethnic majority. Palestine was 5% Jewish before the Zionist project began, that does not make it a place for Jewish “national liberation” even with the most loose definition of Jew.

The Lie: “You drove millions of Palestinians off their land. That is ethnic cleansing.”

Many Arabs fled because of the upcoming war, and a few were driven away following the invasion of the Arab state armies into the newly born


The real truth: Ah yes, the tired old “other Arab states drove Jews out that makes it ok that we drove Palestinians out.” 1. Arab states did not expel Jews until the formation of the Israeli state 2. Israel, in many cases, encouraged Jews to be driven out to help establish an ethnic majority 3. Most importantly, Arab states are not interchangeable. Ukraine and Poland are both Slavic states with similar cultures – despite this driving out Polish from their lands to Ukraine is a war crime – shared culture doesn’t mean you can just uproot people. Jews who were expelled from Egypt and Iraq should be taking the issue up with the Egyptian and Iraqi governments, not expecting the Palestinian people, who did nothing to them, to compensate them.

The Lie: “Palestinians who live in Israel are second-class citizens.”

The Truth: Israeli Arabs are citizens with equal rights. Arabs serve as Members of Parliament, as judges in courts, including the Supreme Court, as professors and doctors. In the past there were incidents of discrimination, and sometimes there still are.

Nope, no racism here. Move along folks.

Nope, no racism here. Move along folks.

The real truth: DID YOU KNOW THERE WAS ONE JUDGE ON THE SUPREME COURT THAT WAS A PALESTINIAN??? YOU WILL HEAR IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Token appointments to positions are an anomaly and discrimination against Palestinians is rife, to the point where Israelis don’t even call them Palestinians but call them “Arabs,” stripping the native inhabitants of all ties to their land. Remember, this is a place where Netanyahu was moved to victory by warning voters that Palestinian Arabs were voting “in droves”. Anti-Arab racism permeates every aspect of Israeli society from students and children to government officials. And not just Arabs, they are racist towards Africans and even fellow Jews of the wrong skin colours.

Zionism by definition IS racism. A Zionist state cannot be fair to all citizens and Israel is not.

The Lie: “Israel enforces an apartheid policy in the occupied territories.”

The Truth: Israel has completely withdrawn from the Gaza Strip, and most West Bank Arabs live under the Palestinian Authority which covers most aspects of their lives.


The real truth: This is complete bullshit. The UN and the US, otherwise known as the Israeli lapdog, all recognise that Gaza and the West Bank are occupied – not a single country outside Israel recognises its theft of the ’67 territories – not a single one – that says volumes. The Palestinian Authority cannot even collect its own taxes, nor can it protect its citizens against violent settlers and daily theft of land by settlers and the Israeli military.

The Lie: “The IDF detains Palestinians in order to establish a reign of terror in the West Bank”.

The Truth: IDF soldiers only detain Palestinians if, and only if, they are suspected of hostile activities.

During night-raids, houses are typically ransacked, family members are assaulted, harassed - including very young children. Sometimes family members are abducted without the ability for their loved ones to know where they've been taken or to get in contact with them for days, weeks or months.

During night-raids, houses are typically ransacked, family members are assaulted, harassed – including very young children. Sometimes family members are abducted without the ability for their loved ones to know where they’ve been taken or to get in contact with them for days, weeks or months.

The real truth: The occupied territories are governed by a military detention system where military judges handle cases, where secret evidence is used to keep people without charge, where night-raids are a terrifying, yet normal occurrence, where children are subject to the system of injustice which includes rampant torture.

The Lie: “Israel murdered thousands of children in Gaza.”

The Truth: Israel is carrying out a battle against Hamas, which is recognized by the Free World – including the European Union – as a terrorist organization.


The real truth: Israel “battles” Hamas by killing thousands of Palestinian children. The latest incursion ended with 551 children dead, over 1,600 civilians dead and as documented by journalists and human rights groups – there was reckless disregard, sometimes deliberate targeting of civilians. And while Hamas has engaged in terrorism prior to becoming an elected body in 2005, it has since abandoned terrorism in favour of LEGAL resistance against Israeli soldiers.

The Lie: “Israel does not let the Palestinian Authority manage the population in the territories.”

The Truth: Most Palestinians living under Palestinian Authority rule do not see Israeli soldiers, and do not live under Israeli rule. Almost all the check-points that existed in the past in the West Bank have been removed as a result in the drop in the level of terror. In most aspects of day to day existence the Palestinians run their lives with no Israeli interference


The real truth: Checkpoints sometimes exist in the same city, so going from one point to another, in the same city, requires going through checkpoints. Palestinians who live or study in other cities have to endure checkpoints on a daily basis. And no, they do not reduce “terrorism,” quite the opposite. Checkpoints are a tool of oppression, occupation and demoralisation and they are.. what’s the word? Absolutely inhuman and anyone defending them should be ashamed.

The Lie: “Israel should respect the Palestinians’ ‘Right of Return’ in accordance with international law.”

The Truth: Tens of millions of people who became refugees after the two World Wars did not get ‘Right of Return’ because such a right would have caused world chaos. International law does not include such a right.


The real truth: Refugees have a right to return under international law, only people who don’t understand, or don’t want to understand international law say otherwise.

The Lie: “Only an academic and consumer boycott of Israel will improve the situation of the Palestinians and bring peace.”

The truth: one should realize that the main demand of the boycott movement is not “put an end to occupation”, and not even “two lands for two peoples’’’ but rather “the right of return” i.e. the annihilation of the State of Israel.

The real truth: . BDS does not advocate a solution, but is rather a tool to empower Palestinians. Many advocates of BDS also argue in favour of a bi-national state – one state where Jews and Palestinians have absolute equality, where there is no Jewish supremacist laws. Only a racist would consider living side by side with people of a different race/ethnicity as “annihilation.” Jews have a right to exist, they do not have a right to a racist, supremacist state – fighting against this abomination does not make one want to harm Jews – Jews are human beings, not special creatures that will melt if the racist privileges they enjoy today in Israel disappear.

Ok folks, so now that you’ve delved deep into the muck that is hasbara, it is time for a shower, time for a mind-cleansing, time for BDS.



3 thoughts on “The Dissection of a Hasbara Manual

  1. Hi, Great blog entry/essay/rant what have you. The whole subject of hasbara and their trolls fascinates me in an appalling way. No just, decent society would need an army of paid liars. The whole secret to the continued ignorance of the world regarding the real Israel is their adapt lying, and attacking any dissenting voice. It is a house of cards.
    By the way, we follow each other on Twitter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Just wow! How much stupidity can you reveal in a single blog post?

    Paid trolls? No, dear, I spend my free time doing what is right, supporting the world’s only Jewish state, which also happens to be the world’s only modern indigenous state to regain control from colonizers, and also happens to be the region’s only functioning democracy, because it is the right thing to do, for the sake of humanity and human rights.

    Oh, and the way you toss the word “hasbara” around, you have clearly mixed it up with “taqiyya”. “Taqiyya” is a Muslim practice, which demands that Muslims LIE in order to promote Islam. “Hasbara”, on the other hand, simply means “information”, with the connotation that it is TRUE information. If you visit historical sites or popular tourist spots in Israel, you will find an INFORMATION BOOTH labeled “hasbara”, because that is ALL it means – information!

    So you are going around insulting thousands of people, calling them trolls, because they dare to spread TRUE INFORMATION that happens to contradict your ingrained prejudice and hatred.

    I’ll leave the rest of your rant for others to tear apart, but let me finish with one last point: EVERY government on earth has some sort of public relations department with lots of employees, to help cast it in the best possible light, both at home and abroad. The fact that you single out Israel, and make it seem sinister that they would pay people to do what all other countries do, is yet another piece of proof that you are either astonishingly ignorant of how the world works, or deliberately and grossly neglecting the truth in order to push your Antisemitic agenda. Either way, nobody intelligent will fall for your smear campaign.


    1. My dear, there was enough hot air in there to reinflate the Heisenberg blimp, alas nothing of substance.
      Nice addition of “taqqiya” which you clearly don’t understand but it’s a scaaaary mooooslem(actually just Shia) thing.
      And while every country does propaganda, save North Korea, no country but Israel goes through such ridiculous contortions to justify oppression.
      Peace be with you dear, and next time, less hot air please, we’re not trying to increase global warming more than we need to.


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