Jews not Zionists and Zionists not Jews – when is a boycott appropriate? Also Kitten Juggling

kitten handlers cat juggling balls

Recently, a controversy arose with the faux-reggae muzak performer Matisyahu, who is a devout Jew and a strident Zionist. Hasbarists were outraged that he had been singled out “as a Jew” and asked not to perform, even though there’s ample evidence that he was asked to clarify his position after numerous pro-Israel actions and statements including performing for AIPAC, supporting the IDF, and promoting Israeli propaganda. He confirmed the legitimacy of the boycott when he was invited back to perform and performed a song glorifying the occupation of Jerusalem and the destruction of Al Aqsa.

yep, this is something to celebrate...

yep, this is something to celebrate… “ooooh apartheid… we loooove yoooouuu. Yaaaaaay occupaaaaaaaation!”

But it raises the question, to what extent are Jews and others responsible for the situation in Palestine? To what extent is boycotting individuals appropriate given that BDS generally applies to institutions, not individuals? Is it anti-Semitic to boycott Jewish individuals?

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In which I criticise Sam Harris (yes again)

I promised myself that I would not do any more Sam Harris stuff, it’s just too irritating. Of course, I lie.

I wanted to look up something in his article “Why I don’t Criticise Israel” and just found too much dumb. Must rant.

Let’s begin with this:

And there are millions of Jews, literally millions among the few million who exist, for whom Judaism is very important, and yet they are atheists. They don’t believe in God at all. This is actually a position you can hold in Judaism, but it’s a total non sequitur in Islam or Christianity.

Ok, Sam. Basic Jewishness 101. Secular Jewishness is a cultural/tribal identity that exists independent of religion. Judaism is a religion. Conflating the two and then saying Judaism is superior because of atheist Judaism is logically wrong(as is assuming a religion is superior because of the number of people who don’t believe in it).

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